Hands & Feet

Manicures & Pedicures

Mini Manicure : £13.50 (25 Mins)

Cuticle tidy, nail shape and polish.   

Immaculate Manicure : £22.00 (55 Mins)

Cuticle tidy, hand exfoliation & massage, nail shape and polish.   

Mini Pedicure : £13.50 (25 Mins)

Cuticle tidy, nail shape and polish.   

Pristine Pedicure : £25.00 (55 Mins)

Hard skin removal, cuticle tidy, foot scrub & exfoliation, nail shape and polish.   

Shellac  - Power Polish

A power polish application that will not chip and lasts up to 14 days. It provides a mirror shine and dries instantly with no risk of smudging.  

Shape and Polish (Hands) : £22.00

Shape and Polish (Hands Inc. Removal) : £22.50

Shape and Polish (Toes) : £22.00

Shape and Polish (Toes Inc. Removal) : £22.50

Immaculate Manicure with Shellac : £32.00

Immaculate Pedicure with Shellac : £33.50

Shellac Removal & Restoration: £18.00

Bio Sculpture / Cal Gel / IZ Gel - Nail Enhancements

A nail enhancement applied as a coating to your own nails to strengthen and condition them. Unlike Acrylic enhancements, this treatment does not damage the natural nail plate. The end result is long lasting, chip-proof and will allow your nails to go on looking pristine long after the initial application. This gel was expertly developed over 10 years to create the perfect professional formula. It has a powerful keratin bond that helps to ensure professional long lasting, chip free nails. 

Overlay / Infill (Hands) : £28.00

Overlay with Tips : £38.00

Single Nail : £3.00

Pristine Pedicure with Gel : £38.50

Overlay on Toes: £23.00

Removal & Restoration: £18.00

Soak Off (Prior to Re-application): F.o.C.

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